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Credocard´s Partnership, Credit and Debit Card Programs

Co-Branded Card programs – Credit Card – Debit Card

Credocard is the industry leader for international co-branded prepaid card programs, Multilevel marketing payouts (MLM) white label card programs, turnkey payment solutions , and co-branded software integration platforms. Credocard´s partnership card programs are designed to strengthen the bond with your customers, It can increase loyalty, attract promising new customers.
Credocard design your Co-branded credit cards, debit cards or Prepaid cards with your company brand as the dominant brand represented on the card. Co-branding is more than just that. It's a partnership between, your business, and a card issuer that can result in increased card usage, higher spending levels and higher satisfaction and value for customers.

Credocard develops prepaid card programs for clients in the following regions:

  • Asia
  • Latin America, Caribbean
  • Europe and European Union
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • South America
  • North America

Card Program Development

Credocard covers the following card program development areas:

  • Generic debit card programs
  • Co-branded prepaid card programs
  • White label card programs
  • Embossed and un-embossed prepaid card programs
  • Full suite of solutions for the un-bankable clientele
  • Co-branded credit card programs
  • Full software and payment processing integration
  • Customized card platforms

Credocard Ltd. prepaid card programs are used by companies in Europe, Asia, America, Pacific and other areas to meet various needs such as:

  • Dividend, incentive, forex payouts – employers, contract agencies,
  • Membership based affiliation applications i.e. credit unions, banks with an existing account holder base
  • Loan, benefit payout applications i.e. payday, micro finance operations
  • Insurance payout program, pension payout program
  • Commission payout applications – network marketing organizations (MLM), affiliate payout
  • Travel, remittance card programs
  • Gas stations, telecommunications, cellular phones companies, cable TV companies, department stores, supermarkets
  • Gaming and gambling industry: casino sites, online poker rooms, sports betting websites, waging websites, etc.
  • Services: insurance, telephone, utilities etc.

Co-Branded Prepaid Card Programs

Credocard offers complete range of services for its clients:

  • Customized cards with client logo and unique design
  • Dedicated card BIN
  • Dedicated Bank Account with full online banking system
  • Easy to use white label cardholder interface (with the client's logo or URL).
  • Full software and payment processing integration
  • Full suite of solutions for the unbanked clientele

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