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Forex Payouts – Co branded Card Program

Credocard is a leading name in Forex payouts in the co-branded debit card sector. We offer prepaid card programs to our global clients as per their varied needs. Our prepaid card programs are tension free and hassle free.

We also deal in dividends, Forex payout and incentives, because the biggest and most liquid form of financial market around the globe is the Forex market and the sole reason behind this is the requirement to exchange currencies.

With Credocard you can easily withdraw and deposit money from any part of the world. Every Forex broker accepts any prepaid card activity. Credocard Master Card programs vary in requirements and size. We have a range of cobranded cards that have the following attributes:

  1. Zero balance cards
  2. Multi-branded cards
  3. Personalized and non-personalized cards
  4. Reloadable as well as non-reloadable cards
  5. Preloaded cards for more convenience
  6. Embossed cards
  7. Instantly issue of cards
  8. Active cards for easy access
  9. Non-embossed cards
  10. White labeled cards

With the use of co-branded debit cards, you can save a good amount of time and money. Your company's branding can be enhanced with Credocard generated cards. For easy internal and external functioning within the organization, Credocard has introduced co-branded prepaid card programs and multibranded debit card programs. With the help of these cards, the process of payment such as Forex payouts is made easy.

Credocard co-branded prepaid programs increase the ability of a Forex company, substantially enhancing the market share, customer loyalty and revenue system. Co-branding is a co-operational relationship between business bodies, financial firms and card issuers like MasterCard or Visa.

One advantage for Forex companies is that they can grow their brand image by taking up co-branded cards by Credocard. A Credocard will increase your customer base in an efficient manner. This will also help you to eliminate any additional payout cost.

We have a range of branded cards collaborated with Visa Card and MasterCard, which increases the brand loyalty, as they are reputed in the prepaid card sector. Credocard Visa or MasterCard are a safe way to carry out your online transactions. Companies combining with these brand names have a cutting edge in the prepaid card sector.

While dealing with the process of online money processes, there is a certain amount of risk involved. To ease off customers from this problem, Credocard offers $1,000,000 worth of insurance for online payment and other transactions. Credocard extends a user-friendly online banking procedure clubbed together with a processing platform for payments.

Credocard has a significant Forex business plan to increase the level of customer service. We acknowledge all the required licenses, which are necessary to manage the deposit operations. Credocard is committed in presenting different plans with the latest security attributes to make sure that the online transactions are carried out smoothly and easily. With all these features, Credocard is a leading name in forex payout services and co-branded prepaid card programs.

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