Credocard Case Studies

Payroll, funds remittance and Prepaid Cards

Task: a small Asian company required 100-300 cards for making their payroll more cost-effective and fast.

Solution: prepaid cards were supplied company employees and integration for employer management and funds distribution including training. This solution allowed close to instant funds remittance to Credocard prepaid MasterCards. The company now saves considerable funds due to low transaction and reload fees. The cardholder can access his funds through ATMs, POS and online locally and in any country of the world. The company has control panel to monitor the transactions. Integrated SMS functionality allows the company to know the balances through SMS messages. The cardholders have free card history and transactions statement online access in real time.


Task: a small European company required prepaid cards for their payroll purposes.

Solution: prepaid MasterCards were delivered to the company which then distributed to its affiliates. Even with small volume of turnover and transactions the company noticed a considerable savings in their payroll in comparison with previously used regular bank payments. The company has full online access for monitoring of transactions, and each cardholder has 24/7/365 free online access to view his card transactions and history.


Task: a membership company required 5000+ cards for their members.

Solution: a turnkey solution was provided to the company including license, dedicated Credocard MasterCard co-branded program with cards design under company brand, 4 EU and 4 offshore business bank account for clients' funds aggregation, full white label online banking suite including cards integration and admin area, integration with 500 mobile networks worldwide for SMS services and mobile payments, dedicated hosting with full protection (hardware professional dedicated firewall, daily or real time backup, separate DDos protection, etc.) The company shares in the revenue streams through card issue fees, card activation fees, monthly card fees, card load and reload fees, ATM fees, POS transaction fees, card to card transfer fees and online transaction fees. The company offers its members full suite of online services for cash management and the card allows each cardholder to use ATMs, pay in POS and shop everywhere online. The company is happy to offer a truly universal set of solutions and services to its members worldwide.

Money transfer

Task: Asian company required 5000-10000 cards for their money transfer business.

Solution: Prepaid card program was proposed to the client including: Customized prepaid cards with client logo and unique design, Dedicated card BIN, dedicated bank account with full online banking system, white label cardholder interface (with the client's logo or URL), payment integration. full suite of solutions for the Asian unbanked clientele.

Working Abroad

Task: a small business owner required cards for salary payouts and to enable his foreign workers send money back home easily and hassle-free.

Solution: International prepaid card program was proposed including integration of control panel for transactions monitoring of the Employer. Cards were sent to employees and their families in order to be used for sending money home. Cardholders can access funds through ATMs, pay in POS and spend online locally and worldwide. Low transaction fees and easy program usage led to many repeating clients.

Foreign exchange fees

Task: a company required a solution for payouts optimization in different currencies to international employees and to minimize foreign exchange conversion fee.

Solution: A unique debit card program was developed where the conversion fee was waived. Cards could be used to withdraw any currency (depending on ATM capabilities) without conversion fee. Great savings for cardholders and lots of benefits for the company. Cardholders are greatly satisfied with the cards, and the company enhances its recognition and makes a leap ahead its competitors.


Task: a company asked for a solution for its members and affiliates to have quick access to their accounts, easy cash access and wanted to get additional revenue from card transactions.

Solution: a Complete White Label Turnkey Solution was delivered to the company: license, prepaid MasterCard program with cards design under company brand, white label online banking suite including cards integration and admin area, bank accounts for funds aggregation, full integration with over 550 mobile networks worldwide for SMS services and mobile payments, dedicated hosting with full protection suite (hardware professional dedicated firewall, daily or real time backup, separate DDos protection, etc.) The company shares in the revenue streams through card transaction fees. Company e-wallet holders greatly benefit from the range of services in a secure environment. Each member is supplied with a debit card for ATM and POS usage, virtual credit card for secure online purchases, full online banking. Both company and its members are happy with lots of positive feedbacks.


Task: A company required 100,000+ for unbanked clientele located internationally, with full online integration.

Solution: Credocard MasterCard prepaid card program with online and SMS integration was proposed to the company. This solution would equip the cardholder with a prepaid MasterCard (for ATM, POS and online usage), SMS balance updates, SMS payments services, and many other additional and valuable services. Cardholders can link their cards to online wallets like paypal, moneybookers, neteller, etc. for funding/withdrawal purposes and take advantage of ability to pay anywhere online with their cards.

Forex payouts

Task: A company required a payout solution for it's over 3 Million clients worldwide.

Solution: a co-branded card program was proposed to the company. The program allowed easy integration into existing clients online system. Cardholders could withdraw their forex funds and reinvest them back or take cash from ATMs. Easy payout platform and full suite of payment processing in a secure environment allowed the company to offer its clients something that it's competitors do not offer. And the results did not wait: increase in clientele, turnover and profits are only a few benefits from working with Credocard.


Task: insurance company required optimization for their payout service to over 55,000 workers both locally and internationally.

Solution: Credocard MasterCard card program was proposed to the client. The company quickly understood the benefits of the program and the savings they got using it. Credocard MasterCard prepaid card allows the cardholder to use it in ATMs, POS and online. Each company employee got a truly universal card with 2 years validity (further replaced for free) which could be used anywhere in the world as quick cash access, secure wallet (plastic card instead of tons of paper money), and as e-wallet (allowing to pay online virtually anywhere).

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