Credocard Limited Offers Insurance Payout Services To Global Organizations.

(Vienna, Austria, European Union, 16 July 2009) – Credocard Ltd. offers unique insurance solutions to clients. Credocard is an industry leader for co-branded debit card programs, white label programs, turnkey payment solution and software, and payment integration platforms. The clientele of Credocard consists of organizations from countries such as North America, Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia, Caribbean, Africa and Middle East.

Credocard provides its clients with excellent features to ensure best level service. It offers an efficient White Label Turnkey Solution, which allows the clients to share revenue streams generated from payment platforms. The company has sophisticated white label programs to ensure best quality marketing strategies.

Credocard's well-designed Turnkey solution contains following features:

  • A dedicated hosting platform to offer advanced security protection
  • Unlimited upgrades for all the software and services required for operating a business platform.
  • Partnership agreements with above 500 worldwide mobile networks to, offer SMS services and mobile payment options
  • An online banking and payment processing platform
  • $1,000,000 worth of insurance for all types of online transactions

Co-branded debit cards are the new buzzwords in the market, as many business entities are realizing the potential benefits of these cards. Co-branding is a partnership among card issuers, business entities and other financial organizations. A co-branded debit card represents the company brand as the main brand on the card and thereby, helps in promoting the company brand. Credocard offers Co-branded Debit Card programs for global market. The company has partnership with MasterCard or Visa, as they have worldwide acceptance. Credocard's Co-branded Debit Cards Program is beneficial for both organizations as well as cardholders.

Business persons can earn commissions on any kind of transactions performed using Credocards. It also allows the cardholder to have instant cash via ATMs. People can also use these co-branded debit cards at retail establishments that accept Visa or MasterCard.

Credocard's cobranded debit card programs consist of the following features:

  • Dedicated Bank Account with full online banking system
  • Customized cards with client logo and unique design
  • Easy to understand and white label cardholder interface (with the client's logo or URL).
  • Dedicated card bank identification number (BIN)
  • Complete suite of solutions for unbanked customers
  • Complete software and payment processing system

Credocard is an expert in providing effective and feasible solutions to insurance companies pertaining payouts of insurance cards. The co-branded debit card program from Credocard facilitates worldwide usage for quick cash access, secure wallet (plastic card instead of tons of paper money) and e-wallet (allowing to pay online virtually anywhere). The program benefits the insurance companies tremendously by saving a considerable amount of money.

Credocard has a well qualified administrative and management system to assist in troubleshooting. The dedicated client-support system consisting of e-mail, phone live chat provides round-the-clock service to the clients.

Credocard Ltd.

Credocard is an industry leader for white label programs, software and payment integration platforms, co-branded debit card programs and turnkey solutions.

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