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Credocard´s integrated services are specially designed to promote and benefit your company or organization on the National and International market. We offer Co-branded Credit Card programs that will truly set you apart from the pack. Co-branded Cards can help you attract new members and retain existing ones. They can reinforce loyalty and actually be a new revenue opportunity and contribute to increased sales. Credocard services also include, white label programs, software, payment integration, payment processing services and complete turnkey solutions and can be integrated into any business platform, serving clients worldwide.

Specialized payment programs

Credocard specializes in the following payment programs:

  • Generic debit card programs
  • Co-branded debit card programs
  • White label programs
  • Co-branded prepaid card programs
  • Generic prepaid card programs
  • Embossed and un-embossed card programs
  • Full suite of solutions for the unbanked clientele
  • ATM card programs
  • Full software and payment processing integration

The clients we serve

Credocard develops card programs for worldwide clients including:

  • Asia
  • Latin America, Caribbean
  • Europe and European Union
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • South America
  • North America

Why do companies hire Credocard?

Credocard prepaid card and card program services are used by internationally by our clients in multiple industries throughout Europe, Asia, America, Pacific and other continents to meet all our clients needs including:

  • Dividend, incentive, forex payouts, employers, contract agencies
  • Membership based affiliation applications i.e. credit unions, banks with an existing account holder base
  • Loan, benefit payout applications i.e. payday, micro loans operations
  • Insurance payout program, pension payout program
  • Commission payout applications network marketing organizations (MLM), affiliate payout
  • Travel, remittance card programs
  • Gas stations, telecommunications, cellular phones companies, cable TV companies, department stores, supermarkets
  • Gaming and gambling industry: casino sites, online poker rooms, sports betting websites, waging websites, etc.

Credocard options

Credocard co-branded card programs are flexible enough to meet all your business requirements:

  • ATM cards
  • Magnetic stripe and/or EMV (chip card)
  • Embossed or non-embossed
  • Personalized and non-personalized
  • Instant issue or bulk orders
  • Prepaid cards
  • Reloadable or non-reloadable
  • Active or needs activation
  • White labelled or multi-branded cards
  • Preloaded or with zero balance

White level turnkey solutions

Our complete turnkey solution services include:

  • The company with all necessary licenses to manage the deposit operations
  • An online banking and payment processing platform
  • $100,000 worth of protection for every online transaction
  • A turnkey web design package to enhance brand exposure
  • A dedicated hosting platform offering advanced security protection
  • Co-branded debit card program
  • Partnership agreements with over 850 worldwide mobile networks (200+ countries), offering SMS services
  • Unlimited upgrades for all software and services required to operate the business platform
  • Administrative team and management team available to assist with implementation and trouble shooting
  • Dedicated client support systems including email, phone, and live chat

With our comprehensive platform service, business partners can simply plug and play, focusing all of their attention onto marketing their new business opportunity.

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