Branded Debit Card Benefits

Reloadable Prepaid Card Programs

Credocard provides card benefits to both the consumer and the organization partnering with the unique payment platform.

Business Owners

Some of the benefits offered to business owners include:

  • Co-branded partnerships strengthen customer loyalty as well as work to attract new customers, lowering the business's overall client acquisition costs. Business clients can utilize their logo and unique designs to build a customized card.
  • Lowered payroll costs.
  • Solid commission payment structure option.
  • Travel, remittance card programs.
  • Credocard partnership program allowing the business owner to earn commissions on all transactions.

For Cardholders

Credocard prepaid cards are not only beneficial for business owners. They also offer a variety of benefits for the individual cardholder, including

  • Access to instant cash.
  • The ability to use the card for payments at any retail establishment accepting credit cards.
  • Access to cash via participating ATM machines.

Credocard offers a proven platform for co-branded debit card programs, white label programs, software and payment integration, and turnkey payment options for both consumers and business owners.

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