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(Vienna, Austria, 13 July 2009) – Credocard is a renowned name in co-branded debit card sector, which deals with software and payment integration programs, white label programs and turnkey payment solutions. Credocard offers co-branded services to clients based at Africa, North America, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, Latin and South America and the European Union.

Credocard includes a broad range of services for Multilevel Marketing Companies (MLM). It provides co-branded card programs through straight affiliation, self-issuance or transition of a private brand.

Major reason for Credocard to specialize in co-branded prepaid card programs is to strengthen customer-dealer relation and improve brand loyalty. Co-branded cards by Credocard with MasterCard or Visa logo gives the company a brand identity and enables MLM companies to gain a stand in the market.

Credocard holders are entitled to major benefits like:

  • Credocard holders can easily access cash through ATMs all across the world that support MasterCard and Visa access.
  • The necessity of a bank account or credit check to accept payment worldwide is eliminated.
  • With global partners like MasterCard and Visa card, a Credocard holder enjoys global acceptance.
  • Funds can be easily transferred on the cards of a Credocard holder at ATMs, restaurants or shops.

Multilevel marketing is popular with people looking for flexible or part-time businesses. This requires distributor network to build the enterprise. Mailing a commission check or direct deposit is easy with Credocard's MLM program. However, a distributor overseas, without a bank account needs to wait much longer to cash-in the checks, but this is not the case with Credocard.

Co-branded debit cards by Credocard help easy transfer of money as compared to electronic funds and wire transfers.

Credocard benefits MLM companies in the following manner:

  • Credocards with MasterCard or Visa logo gives a global recognition to MLM companies because of the global acceptance.
  • Co-branded cards eliminate excessive payout costs and ensure hassle free payment methods.
  • Funds can be transferred instantly to the card account.

Credocard has collaborated with MasterCard, ID Data, Metavante, Visa and Commodo Group. Credocard is also partnered with over 500 mobile networks around the world to offer mobile payment and SMS services. Credocard also serves software upgrades for businesses.

Credocard Ltd:

Credocard is a global name in co-branded prepaid card programs. With a worldwide acceptance, Credocard is the foremost name in the long list of co-branded card issuing companies.

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