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Credocard provides complete White Label Turnkey Solutions, allowing business partners to share in the revenue streams generated from the payment platforms. Our partners don't need to actively manage the business, by building infrastructure and hiring staff as all of these business tools are already in place.

Credocard´s turnkey solutions provide innovative and cost-effective payment and receivables processing solutions for any size financial institution or business. Simplified turnkey solutions designed to reduce administrative time and expense without the need for large capital investments or budget allocations.

Our complete turnkey solutions include:

  • The company with all necessary licenses to manage financial operations
  • Online payment processing platform
  • SSL protection for all online transactions
  • A turnkey web design package to enhance brand exposure
  • Hosting platform offering advanced security protection
  • Mastercard or Visa co-branded prepaid card program
  • Partnership agreements with over 800 worldwide mobile networks, offering both SMS services and mobile notification options
  • Co Branded Forex cards, MLM cards, Reward programs and Ewallet cards
  • Unlimited upgrades for all software and services required to operate the business platform
  • Administrative team and management team available to assist with implementation and trouble shooting
  • Dedicated client support systems including email, phone, and live chat

With our comprehensive platform, business partners can simply plug and play, focusing all of their attention onto marketing their new business opportunity.

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