Credocard provides huge benefits to microfinance institutions

Microfinance institutions are the need of any country especially the developing ones as they help to provide financial services to the poor. To make this noble task of the microfinance institutions a lot easier, it is essential for the institutions to look for ways that will help them to provide financial services such as microcredit and microloans to more and more people. Credocard offers these institutions exactly this by providing them efficient payment solutions so that they provide more financial services easily to their customers who are poorer and vulnerable to traditional banking clients.

What the microfinance institutions will get from Credocard?

By getting into a co-branded card program by Credocard, microfinance institutions can lower their client acquisition costs, which they can use for other productive purpose. Furthermore, the global acceptance of the cards provided by Credocard can help the microfinance institutions to tap a large number of clients through the remittance card programs offered by Credocard.

Apart from providing benefits to the microfinance institutions, the co-branded card program also provides huge benefits to the users of the debit cards provided by Credocard. The cardholders, who are mostly poor, can get access to instant cash. This feature can really help the poor users who are mostly in need of money in case there is any emergency. Through the cards, the cardholders can easily withdraw the micro credit or micro loans to the users by visiting an ATM. This in turn, helps the users to save a lot of time and money, which will have otherwise been wasted in visiting the office of the microfinance institutions or banks.

Briefly, the co-branded card program of Credocard proves highly beneficial to the microfinance institutions, as they are able to serve more and more people by providing efficient payment solutions.

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