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Credocard Offers Financial Services For Global Organizations.

(Vienna, Austria, 14 July 2009) – Credocard, a leader in providing co-branded debit card programs is offering financial assistance to global companies. Debit card programs by Credocard are meant for both the organizations as well as customers.

Credocard's co-branded debit cards are used by many companies that provide financial assistance. It helps to save money and time in payroll and payout programs.

Credocard's partnership with MasterCard and Visa maximizes marketing opportunities, saves resources and lowers bank charges. The generic debit card program benefits financial firms in distributing funds and improving the business. Credocard co-branded card program assists in payment-related procedures and serves as a brand-building tool.

Credocard offers different payment integration programs, white label program and complete turnkey solutions to worldwide clients. The ability to merge with any business platform helps Credocard to reach customers all around the world.

Credocard's association boosts clients to attract new customers and increase brand loyalty. This lowers the payroll cost.

Credocard specializes in payment programs like:

  1. Co-branded prepaid card programs for maximum brand visibility
  2. Co-branded debit card programs customized for client requirements
  3. Generic debit card programs to satisfy customer requirements
  4. Generic prepaid card programs to suit client needs.
  5. Full suite of solutions for customers that lack bank account
  6. White label programs for maximum exposure of customer brand.
  7. Full software and payment process integration

Credocard helps financial clients with services such as:

  1. Pension Payout programs
  2. Benefit Payout applications and micro loans
  3. Insurance payout programs
  4. Process membership based affiliation applications

Credocard's Payroll services favor financial companies to reduce additional expenses with fast payout schemes. Micro loans are made available to financial organizations, who cannot build structures that include huge amount of money. Credocard co-brands the loan and markets it to the customers of the financial company. This reduces a company's operational costs.

Credocard also offers complete turnkey solutions to financial companies and institutions that include all necessary licenses required to handle deposit procedures. Online banking and processing is made available for clients with dedicated support. Online transactions worth $1,000,000 are insured. Credocard's affiliation with 500 mobile operators facilitates SMS services and mobile payments. Credocard comprises of a dedicated marketing and administrative team to maneuver all operations.

With co-branded card programs, Credocard aims to help businesses with dedicated resources and time for new marketing ventures.


Credocard Ltd. is the global leader in manufacturing and supplying co-branded debit card programs with services for both small as well as large-scale firms.

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