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Credocard is the industry leader for turnkey solutions, white label programs and co-branded prepaid card programs, software and payment integration platforms. Credocard co-branded prepaid card programs are embossed or unembossed. Prepaid cards are accepted in over 29 million locations worldwide in ATM machines, retail outlets and online. Credocard is authorized to provide the following services and activities: payroll services, payment processing services, third party transactions processing, money transfer, e-wallet services, prepaid cards servicing.

Credocard Ltd is an official co-branded partner with Special Issuing Approval status and existing program manager for specific financial institutions, card programs consultant, experienced and knowledgeable in the consultancy and program management of payment system products and services, including debit cards and international prepaid credit cards. Credocard develops card programs in accordance with regulations for international programs and provides legal support to its program clients, which ensures Credocard clients and cardholders to have strong and long lasting prepaid card programs. Credocard Ltd has access to multiple service offerings through direct contractual relationships with prime card issuing and card processing organizations on a global basis.

Credocard has grown its revenues with 471% from October 2010 to October 2012. Revenues have increased with an average of 25.5% per month during 2012. Currently Credocard has clients and cardholders in more than 57 countries. Over 30,000 transactions has been made on Credocard Platform. Credocard cardholders regularly conduct tens of thousands of ATM transactions through their co-branded cards with many millions in USD equivalent globally each year. Credocard regularly fulfills thousands of card reload operations and the cardholders are able to get cash in any point of the world in the nearest ATM machine. Our valued clients and cardholders make thousands of Point of Sale (POS) operations to pay their bills, check-in transactions in the hotels, buy food in supermarket or local stores, rent a car and other transactions without the risk of carrying cash. "The increase and popularity of our service is fantastic" said CEO and Credocard shareholders on annual meeting. The rapid increase has also created some challenges. The customer support organization has become overloaded, especially since the end of summer as the monthly growth has reached above 39%. "We are increasing the team size all the time to keep up with all the questions from new customers." CEO concludes.

Credocard maintains official relations with its partners: special issuing approval, program manager and co-branded partner status with networking partners, co-branded partner status with prime issuers and data processing partners, licensed by networking partners. This ensures uninterrupted services to its clients, best fees and terms, reliability and proper regulation, highest level of security. Credocard prepaid cards are accepted worldwide and are used by many companies from over 25 industries across the globe.

9606 Hofackerstrasse, Butschwil
St. Gallen, Switzerland

Tel/fax: (41) 43-508-0590
E-mail: info@credocard.com


Credocard specializes in white label programs, turnkey payment solutions, co-branded prepaid card programs, and software and payment integration platforms. Make the best out of the features at your hand.

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Credocard clients portfolio includes various businesses from small local companies to Fortune 500 and NY stock exchange listed corporations. Credocard is widely recognized and highly rated in mass media including Top rated general spend card, Large 25,000+ B2B prepaid program, Top payroll prepaid card program and others. Read more at Facts

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