Credocard Launches Co-branded Prepaid Card Programs for Global Market.

Credocard Ltd. the business leader for prepaid card programs has launched Credocard Co-branded Prepaid Card Programs for the global market. These Co-branded Prepaid Card Programs aim to cater Clients globally, including Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Middle East, Europe and Europe Union, Caribbean, and Latin America.

Credocard's Co-branded Debit Card Programs primarily intend to serve the needs of companies in the global markets of Asia, Europe, and America. These programs will serve to needs such as:

  • Forex payments, Incentive, Dividend – Contract Bureaus and Employers
  • Benefit Payout Applications and Loan, i.e. micro loans operation and payday loans
  • Remittance and Travel Card Programs
  • Insurance payment program and pension payment program
  • Commission disbursement programs for Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, and Affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliation applications that include memberships, i.e. Banks with account base and Credit Unions
  • Services such as utilities, telecommunications, cell phone, insurance etc
  • Gambling and gaming: gaming web sites, sports betting web sites, online poker rooms, casino web sites.
  • Supermarkets and department stores

Credocard co-branded Prepaid Cards have MasterCard or VISA (that have worldwide acceptance) as their partners. They are tailored to function efficiently in the targeted global markets. Credocard's Co-branded Prepaid Card allows the users to experience it uniqueness and provides simple to use techniques.

Most importantly, Credocard with the launch of these programs intends to advance the facility of online payment service. Keeping this in mind, Credocard's Co-branded Debit Card Programs will allow the customers to send and receive money in an instant manner either through SMS or through email.

Credocard's Co-branded Debit Card Programs will also serve to Multinational Companies (MNCs), as these firms can make use of these programs to pay their employees globally. Co-branded Debit Card holders of Credocard can withdraw their Forex funds through ATMs that support MasterCard and VISA. These Co-branded Debit Card Programs from Credocard will fortify customer reliability, draw new clients and will minimize any company's overall acquisition expenses.

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