Discover The Might Of Co Branded Cards With Credocard

Let us look at some facts here..

  • Co-branded card holders outspend their counterparts by almost $5000.
  • This segment of card holders makes up for almost 50% of the overall credit card spending.
  • Customers with co-branded cards are more satisfied with their purchases. They ‘get something back’ on every dollar they spend.
  • Non-reward cards are no match in front of co-branded cards when it comes to the revenue and brand awareness they are able.

A constant reminder of your brand’s name and identity in the very wallets of each and every customer you serve, Co-branded cards can help you connect with your target market like never before. This system is not just a branding solution alone. It is a bundle of benefits that can take your business to entirely new heights.

Think customer loyalty, think rewards, thinking increasing your client base, think unprecedented exposure in the market.. that is the power of co-branded cards! A power brought right into your hands by Credocard.

We are the leading name in the co-branded card industry and we offer world class solutions that can cater to almost any kind of business enterprise. Whatever your product or service might be, Credocard will have a co-branded card program for you!

Our co-branded card programs offer:

  • Flexible and customizable platforms that are geared towards servicing merchants from different industries, dealing with different consumer segments and working at different life stages.
  • Excellent resources and advice related to building successful co-brand marketing plans and reaching out to customers more efficiently and effectively.
  • A range of sponsorships and properties on a global, national as well as local level to reward your customers for their loyalty.
  • Excellent pricing to make this marketing strategy lucrative as well as economical.

So don’t hesitate! Credocard’s co-branded card programs are the marketing solution you have been looking for all these years. Get in touch with us today and discover the many benefits that only Credocard can bring! We would love to hear from you.

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